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​LIFFT Training Topic Examples

Fixed Income Mathematics: Vital Concepts and Calculations

Examine vital fixed income concepts such as duration, DV’01, hedging, convexity, and forward pricing, analyze the calculations associated with these concepts, and learn how to apply these concepts as a market practitioner.


Understanding Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS)

Discuss what Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS) are, how they work, and why market participants would use them, work through the mechanics of how to calculate index ratios, interest, and principal, compare nominal vs. real yields, analyze spot and forward breakeven inflation rates, and examine the effect of seasonal factors.


Treasury Bond and Note Futures: The Basics

Learn what Treasury bond and note futures are and how they work, examine key concepts such as conversion factors, cheapest-to-deliver, gross and net basis, implied repo, and futures invoice price, explain the pricing of these futures and the embedded delivery options, and discuss how these futures can be used.


Treasury Bond and Note Futures: Advanced Topics

Examine the risk characteristics of Treasury bond and note futures and discuss advanced applications of these futures including hedging, risk management, basis trading, yield curve trading and calendar spreads.


Interest Rate Swaps and Eurodollar Futures

Discuss the basics of interest rate swaps and learn how they work, explore Eurodollar futures and examine how they are used to price and hedge swaps, compare the swap curve versus Treasury curve, analyze swap spreads and what drives their movement, and discuss uses of interest rate swaps.


An Introduction to Options

Analyze how options work and what inputs determine their pricing, discuss different types of fixed income options including swaptions, options on futures, and OTC options, compare historical volatility versus implied volatility, learn about the option “Greeks” such as delta, gamma, vega, theta, and rho, and examine basic option strategies.

Choose a topic above or work with us to customize a session that's right for you.  Whether it's the Fed, bond math, yield curves, Treasuries, TIPS, repo, financial futures, options, swaps, or other fixed income rates and derivatives products and markets, we can teach you what you want to learn.

Give us a call at 908-326-6826 or email us at to discuss.

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