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LIFFT Consulting Services

LIFFT consulting services are designed to help your company achieve its desired goals. 

We provide the product and market expertise on fixed income rates and derivatives that your organization needs.


LIFFT currently offers consulting services in areas such as the Fed, bond math concepts, yield curves, Treasuries, Treasury Inflation Protected Securities (TIPS), repo, futures, options, swaps, and other fixed income and derivatives products and markets.


If your team needs someone who has the extensive real world experience to provide guidance and insight into these products and markets, then LIFFT is right for you. 


Call 908-326-6826 or email us at to discuss how we can help your organization.

Providing the Experience and Expertise that Your Team Needs


LIFFT founder Joseph Shatz has extensive industry experience with 18 years as a senior strategist covering fixed income rates and derivatives products and markets, as well as training thousands of other industry professionals at all different levels of experience.  Joseph has experience providing training for a broad array of clients across the world including investment banks, foreign central banks, futures exchanges, pension funds, mutual funds, asset managers, and hedge funds.

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World Financial Center, knowledge and expertise
A World of Financial Knowledge and Expertise for Your Benefit​


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